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Latest Release: Visit One Page R - Data Analytics for Data Scientists - a creative commons compendium for analysing data with R.

See Also: Rattle - an open source data mining toolkit in daily use world wide.

Togaware shares its software, experiences and resources for all to benefit. From our consulting and research services we have learnt many lessons and have a wealth of knowledge that we bring to bear on new projects and emerging challenges.

Togaware provides resources that are widely cited and regularly used internationally, with over 2000 unique visitors every day, with many regular return visitors.

Software is a creative expression, beautifully crafted, and lovingly nurtured. It is prose that is a pleasure for those who care to read, understand, and learn. The free software movement looks to share ideas so that those who follow can build on our contributions for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

This page can be approximately translated by Google into a number of languages: Chinese, French, and German.

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